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Multiple pages

Create as many pages and
subpages as you need.

Customizable sections

Add as many different and customizable
sections as needed per page. No limitations.

Tailor made features

No company is the same.
Let us know how we can help.

Video & Audio

Embed (private) YouTube & Vimeo
videos and audio files.

Image overview

Create overviews with downloadable
images and illustrations.

Inspiration images

Inspire your Brandbook users with
large brand images.

Custom domain name

Use your own URL instead
the Brandbook domain.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor Brandbook.io 24/7.
We have an up time of 99,9%.

Personal support

No helpdesk, just a personal contact person
with a direct email and phone number.

Brandbook Bespoke
for NASA

The NASA Brandbook Bespoke is an example
brand manual that was based on the original
NASA Standards Graphics Manual from 1976.

Need a special feature?
We’re your tailors

A complete brand manual
on a single page

an estimate

Please send us a short description of the project,
your contact details, and time zone you are in.
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Brandbook Bespoke
Partner Program

We love to work together

As a flexible online brand manual, Brandbook Bespoke is the place where the design process ends and the implementation of the brand starts.
That’s why we love working together and set up partnerships with design agencies. Please contact us and let’s discuss our Partner Program.
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Bring everything

Brandbook will be the 24/7 connection
between you, your client and their suppliers.

A living manual
not a dead PDF

In this world, a brand needs to adapt fast.
An online brand manual is always up to date.

Streamline your
delivery process

It is always clear where the latest version
of the brand essentials can be found.