The Share Button

You can share the organizations Brandbook using the Access Code. Every brandbook has one Access Code.

This section explains how to share the access code to a third party, so they can access the Brandbook. Invitees can read and download, but not edit the Brandbook.

Learn more how to set up the access code in the section Settings.

When an admin has logged in, they will see these buttons on the top of the page.
To share your Brandbook hit the share button. After that, a wizard will open to help you.

Note only admins can share the organization’s Brandbook.

The Share Wizard

The Share Wizard will help you sharing the organizations Brandbook

  1. Fill in the email address of the person you want to share your Brandbook with. Hit “Send email”. The invitee will receive an email with instructions including the URL and Access Code.
  2. You can also directly copy/paste the URL and Access Code here, and send an email via your own email account.

Enter the Access Code

When the invitee clicks the URL in the email, they will come to the login page of your organization’s Brandbook. When they fill in the Access Code, provided in the email, they can enter the organization’s Brandbook. The Access Code will only give access to a specific Brandbook.

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