What is Brandbook.io?

Brandbook​.io offers a service to create online brand manuals and handbooks.
Our service is called: Brandbook Bespoke. We also offer Add-ons and a service for custom development to extend Brandbook Bespoke.

You can read about all the features and options on our main website.

What is Brandbook Bespoke?

Brandbook Bespoke is a service for design studios who have clients that need an online brand manual or brand handbook.

Brandbook Bespoke is fully customizable, with extra pages and features for photos, audio files and videos.

Who owns Brandbook.io?

Brandbook​.io is an independent service, registered as Brandbook VOF in Amsterdam the Netherlands (CoC There are no investors or big companies involved. Brandbook is 100% independent and self-funded.

Are the files safe on Brandbook.io?

Yes, the only way to download files is by logging into a Brandbook. There is no alternative way to download files from Brandbook. Copying and sharing direct links to files does not work.

We take great care to ensure the service we run is secure. You can read about the details of this in our security policy.

We also make regular backups and test these backups regularly. In case there’s a problem with our hosting service, we’ll be able to get up again running quickly with minimal data loss.

What happens if Brandbook.io stops?

If Brandbook​.io decides to stop this service, we will keep the site online for at least 2 years. We won’t add new features but we will take care of any necessary maintenance during this period. We will offer an option to download all your Brandbooks as static HTML, in order to give you the opportunity to host these static files on your own server.

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