We donate 5% of our revenue to green and social projects.

We support design-related non-profits as well as general non-profits that have a positive impact on the world. In this way, the hard work we put into building and running Brandbook.​io has a greater impact on the world than just making a great product.

2023 Donation

In 2023 we donated through Doneer Effectief (Donate Effectively).

Doneer Effectief is an independent initiative that makes high impact donating accessible in the Netherlands.

We made a donation for our H1 2023 revenue at the beginning of Q3 and another donation for our H2 2023 revenue at end of Q4.

Here’s how we allocated our donation for 2023:

45% — Doneer Effectief Fund: Poverty and Health
This Doneer Effectief fund directs donations to where they can have the most immediate impact in the quarter in which the donation is made. Funds are allocated according to GiveWell’s All Grants Fund.
Doneer Effectief Funds

45% — Future Cleantech Architects
While not visual or brand design, it’s still a form of design we wanted to support.
Future Cleantech Architects

10% — Doneer Effectief
We allocated a portion of our donation to Doneer Effectief so that they can continue to do what they do. Note: Doneer Effectief does not require this donation; it was our choice to make an allocation to them.

2019 - 2022

From 2019 to 2022 we donated a portion of our revenue from new subscriptions to tree planting efforts around the world.

In 2022 we planted 200 trees for forest fire recovery through OneTreePlanted.

In 2021 we planted 800 trees in various parts of the world through OneTreePlanted.

In 2020 we planted 350 in Uganda through OneTreePlanted.

In 2019 we planted 220 trees in various parts of the world through OneTreePlanted.

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