Multiple pages

Create as many pages and
subpages as you need.

Customizable sections

Add as many different and customizable
sections as needed per page. No limitations.

Tailor made features

No company is the same.
Let us know how we can help.


Upload different logo
variations and examples.


Examples of brand typography
and links to foundry pages.


Create different color
and gradient palettes.

Video & Audio

Embed (private) YouTube & Vimeo
videos and audio files.


Include animated GIFs,
SMIL animated SVGs and
Lottie animations (After Effects, Cavalry, etc).

Inspiration images

Inspire your Brandbook users with
large brand images.

Image overview

Create overviews with downloadable
images and illustrations.
Including filter functionality.

Open Files

Make any file available for
Adobe, Sketch App, MS Office, etc.

Brand Story

Use text units to tell
your Brand Story.

Create a theme

Customize your Brandbook page
to fit your brand! Including Google Fonts.

Branded URL

Direct branded URL for your Brandbook

Carbon Neutral

Our servers are Carbon Neutral 🌱
and located in the EU.

Verified by
The Green Web Foundation

Security + Support

Access code

Every is protected
by an access code that you create.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor 24/7.
We have an uptime of 99,9%.

Personal support

No helpdesk, just a personal contact person
with a direct email and phone number.

Expand your Brandbook
with Add-Ons

Extra Storage

Every Brandbook comes with 10Gb storage.
Do you need more? Add 50Gb extra storage to your account as you go.

Extra Admin Users

Every Brandbook comes with 5 admin users. Do you need more admins?
No worries. You can add as many extra admins as you like.