Frequently asked questions

What is offers a service to create online brand manuals. Our service is called: Brandbook Bespoke. We also offer Add-ons to extend Brandbook Bespoke.

Are the files safe on

Yes, the only way to download files is by logging into a Brandbook page. There is no alternative way to download files from Copying and sharing direct links to files does not work.

Who owns is an independent service, created by Bureaudonald (Donald Roos) and BQK (Ben Konrath). There are no investors or big companies involved in which means you can directly contact us if you ever need to.

What happens if stops?

If we decide to stop this service, we will keep the site online for at least 2 years. We won’t add new features but we will take care of any necessary maintenance during this period. We will offer an option to download all your Brandbooks as static HTML, in order to give you the opportunity to host these static files on your own server.

What is the uptime of

Since we started our uptime has been nearly 100%. We dare to say that our uptime will continue to be nearly 100%. However, if we do go down, we get notified immediately and take any necessary action to bring the site back online as soon as possible.

Can I upload any type of content to

Yes, you can. However, the owner of the Brandbook account is responsible for the copyright and legal ownership of the files that are shared.

In addition, we do not allow content that is racist, discriminating, inappropriately pornographic (illegal) or has an extremist character. As soon as we discover that a user is using to share this kind of content, we will take this account offline immediately.

You can read more about this in our Terms of Use.

Can I change my sub-domain?

Yes that is possible. Please send us an email at with your new sub-domain.

How much storage can we use for our Brandbook?

Each Brandbook Bespoke comes with 10 GB of storage. Most of the Brandbooks we host don't exceed this limit, however, if the files you upload start to take up more storage than this limit, we will offer you the option to take advantage of the Extra Storage Add-on. See our Plans for details.

How does plant all those trees?

We believe that creating a sustainable environment inspires people to create beautiful things like great identities that make other people happy! We’re happy to have a partnership with .

How does do carbon netrual hosting?

Our hosting provider exclusively uses data centers which are CO2 neutral and run on 100% renewable energy. Their data centers are ISO 14001 certified which requires them to continuously innovate at the energy saving level. Their achieved Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio is currently below 1.2, which is the lowest available in the market today.

You can verify our hosting provider's green credentials at The Green Web Foundation.



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