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Easy to setup
Easy to use

Brandbook is easy to setup
and easy to use, for designers
and the brand admins.

Direct contact
No helpdesk system

We don’t have a helpdesk,
we pick up the phone ourselves.

Profit for

We are 100% self-funded and independent.
We are on our way to use profit for good.


Tailor made brand guidelines and
manuals for mid-size+ organisations

Partner Program

We love working
with design studios

A living manual
not a dead PDF

In this world, a brand needs to adapt fast.
Your hosted brand guidelines are always up-to-date.

Keep everybody
in the loop

Brandbook will be the 24/7 connection
between the design studio, the company and their suppliers.

Streamline your
delivery process

It is always clear where the latest version
of the brand essentials can be found.