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Logos, colors, fonts, files and guidelines in one place.
Accessible to you and your clients — anytime, anywhere.
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Multiple Brandbooks for all
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Create a unique Brandbook for every client

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Setup and customize your account.

You'll get a custom URL.

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Create a Brandbook for every client.

Customize every Brandbook page.

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Share the custom Brandbook link and access code with your client.

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We know you have more costs

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1 Brandbook

€ 49,-
We plant 1 tree
5 Brandbooks

€ 119,-
€ 24,- / Brandbook
We plant 5 trees
10 Brandbooks

€ 179,-
€ 18,- / Brandbook
We plant 10 trees is a proud partner of

We believe that a healthy planet inspires to create beautiful things!
That’s why we plant trees while you create beautiful Brandbooks.

Main features

Brand your Brandbook
Brand the login page, create a color theme, setup an Open Graph image.
Open format
Brandbook lets you upload as many logos, colors, files as you like.
Access code protected
Make your Brandbooks accessible only with an access code that you set yourself.
Unique URLs
Create your own — easy to remember — URL. Integrate the Brandbook in another website.


Dropbox logo
Dropbox sync
Sync all files with Dropbox. Create a Brandbook by just putting everything in your Dropbox.
Adobe logo
Adobe and SketchApp
Based on your color pallets, Brandbook will generate Color Swatches for Adobe and Sketch.
SVG logo
Generate from .SVG
Upload only .SVG files, Brandbook will generate all file formats.
Please note, features on our roadmap are not guaranteed.
We hope to add them as soon as we can.
However, we can't promise when.

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