We love to
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Brandbook Bespoke
Partner Program

What is the
Partner Program?

The Partner Program is for design agencies
who are specialized in creating brand identities.

As Brandbook partner you can offer Brandbook Bespoke
to every client as preferred online brand manual.

Brandbook Bespoke is perfect when solutions like Bynder
are a step too large, but static PDFs are not an option.

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How does the Partner
Program work?

You design brand identities. We set up the Brandbook.
You have direct contact with the Brandbook.io team.

As partner you get an incentive for every Brandbook Bespoke.
We have a special Partner pricing model.

We're open to feedback on how we can improve Brandbook Bespoke,
not only for your clients, but also for you as a design agency.

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Why the
Partner Program?

We don’t have a fancy sales team.
We believe in good relationships.

Instead of having a sales team we prefer to team up with
design agencies that have great clients.

In that way we create a Win—Win—Win—Win.
For companies, for design agencies, for us, and for nature. *

* We carbon-neutralize every Brandbook Bespoke
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Let’s take care
of the Mothership

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Carbon Neutral

Our servers are CO2 neutral 🌱
and located in the EU.

Verified by
The Green Web Foundation

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for every Brandbook

For every Brandbook we compensate 2 tons of CO2.
We take part in an effective donation program.

Let’s fly together
Become a partner

Contact us to discuss
your partnership

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line drawing of a rocket taking off at a 45 degree angle

You’re in good company

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